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75th AVTRW Annual Conference

The 75th Annual AVTRW Conference will be hosted at Dublin, on the 2nd and 3rd of September 2021. Due to ongoing Covid restrictions the conference will be online this year.  


The conference is free to attend for AVTRW members or £25 for non-members.  AVTRW membership costs £25 (£26 for PayPal payments). Details can be found here.

Keynote speakers

We are pleased to announce the keynote speakers for the 75th annual AVTRW conference

Dirk Werling

Professor Werling is a Professor of Molecular Immunology at the Royal Veterinary College with a current research interest in the innate immune system.  Since 2007 Professor Werling has been involved in the development of dendritic cell based vaccines for farm animals and has responsibility for the design, implementation and evaluation of new vaccine delivery platforms.  Professor Werling has published in over 100 peer-reviewed papers and has received research funding from organisations such as BBSRC, EU (FP7 and EMIDA) as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Professor Werling has been a supporter of the AVTRW for several years and will open the conference this year.   

Jude Capper 

Dr. Capper is an independent Livestock Sustainability Consultant and holds the ABP Chair in Sustainable Beef Production at Harper Adams University.  Dr. Capper researches the sustainability of livestock production and is currently researching on-farm medicine usage, impacts of livestock health and welfare on system sustainability, and South American beef production.  Dr. Capper has been awarded the "Dairy Industry Woman of the Year" (Women in Dairy 2017) and "Farming Hero of the Year" (Farmers Guardian 2018) awards as well as an honorary doctorate (Harper Adams University) in recognition of contributions made to the UK farming industry. 

Dr. Capper is the keynote speaker for the One Health and Sustainability stream this year.  

Máire McElroy

Simon Doherty

Dr. Doherty is a veterinary surgeon with an interest in global livestock health and welfare and sustainable production.  Dr. Doherty currently holds the position of Senior Lecturer in Animal Health and Welfare at Queen's University, Belfast and has represented the veterinary profession in multiple areas during his career. 

Dr. Doherty has a wealth of experience in veterinary education and will be the keynote speaker for the Teaching stream at this year's conference.       


We are pleased to announce that a workshop on scientific writing hosted by Vicki Adams, founding editor of Vet Record Open, will be held on the second day of the conference.  


Abstract submission has now closed.  Thank you to everyone who has submitted an abstract this year, the AVTRW committee will be in touch soon. 


If you have any questions regarding the 2021 conference please email us at


The AVTRW is grateful to the following sponsors:

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) have generously sponsored the oral presentation prizes for the 2021 conference.

The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) have generously sponsored the poster prizes for the 2021 conference.